Stitch for product teams

Understand what drives new product growth by integrating data from diverse analytics platforms and get insights beyond what you can get from product metrics alone

Set up in minutes • Unlimited data volume during trial

Connect the dots across product and customer data

The moment users engage with your product, they start feeding you valuable data that can inform your entire go-to-market strategy. Stitch syncs data from leading product analytics platforms, including Pendo, Heap, Amplitude, and more, so you can connect user behavior with customer insights.

Ship the right features at the right time

Stitch makes it possible to integrate your product, sales, and customer engagement data in minutes, not weeks, so you can refine your roadmap for maximum impact. Understand not only what features are being adopted, but how new products drive growth with the customers you care about.

Make your product strategy a revenue strategy

Get product data out of silos and into the hands of decision-makers. Build context around user behavior to provide valuable insights to your entire organization. Keep your sales team plugged in to customer product usage, spot customers at risk of churn, and build marketing campaigns to drive adoption.

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