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Crossbeam helps companies find overlapping customers and prospects in order to build more valuable partnerships and identify new business opportunities. Crossbeam replicates data from SaaS systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Stripe to a secure environment hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Businesses can then connect with partners who also use Crossbeam in a private company-to-company network. Each organization shares just the data they want to expose to identify shared customers and leads, while keeping other data private. They also maintain the Partnerbase partnership directory.

Co-founders Bob Moore (CEO) and Buck Ryan (CTO) launched Crossbeam in 2018. "We want to change the way businesses partner," Moore says. "We want to make the business world more connected with our software."

When they started, Moore says, "We had a clear vision of the product we wanted to build and the technology we'd need to deliver it," but a startup company has limited resources. "Extracting data from third-party SaaS tools and databases would be a massive effort, and one that wouldn't contribute to the core value of our product. Five years ago we would have accepted that as a cost of doing business." Today, Crossbeam has access to a better solution — Stitch Connect.

Stitch Connect: A data integration toolkit

Stitch Connect is a toolkit that enables organizations to build data integrations into their own platforms without coding them themselves. It comprises an API and SDK that enables developers to programmatically provision and access Stitch accounts, create and modify data sources, and configure destination connections.

Moore says that by using Stitch Connect "we got to bypass a sizable development workload and focus our team's energy on building our core product and getting our product to market faster."

Moore says it took CTO Ryan about a week to integrate Stitch Connect with Crossbeam. "Without Stitch Connect, developing the same capabilities would have taken many months, which would have blocked our ability to go to market. Having a product that worked sooner meant that we could raise capital sooner and get our first customer sooner. That's really valuable for a startup because speed and growth rates are everything, and Stitch Connect was an accelerant to all that. It was a massive opportunity cost savings."

By using Stitch Connect we got to bypass a sizable development workload and focus our team's energy on building our core product and getting our product to market faster.

Bob Moore

Co-founder and CEO

Stitch Connect helps Crossbeam get to market faster

Stitch Connect is embedded within Crossbeam as an OEM. Moore says, "When you're onboarded to Crossbeam the first step is for you to connect your data so we can have visibility into who your customers, sales leads, and other populations are. Our customers get a very streamlined experience."

Bottom line, Crossbeam helps partner managers close more deals, build better products, focus on the partners that matter, and measure the impact of their efforts — and the savings in time and opportunity cost that Stitch Connect provides is crucial to Crossbeam's success. "It's where the value is, and that's worth paying for."

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Our customers get a very streamlined experience.

Bob Moore

Co-founder and CEO


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